Ryan Chen



Branding, UX/UI Design, Web Design


ResearchWe is a web application that aims to transform how clinical research is done. By allowing users to search, post, and schedule paid or relevant studies, ResearchWe enables researchers to reach a wider pool of potential subjects and catalyzes discovery by engaging the public and crowdsourcing human subjects for potential research projects/trials.


My role as the designer was to help define how users would navigate through their site. As a team, we would create wireframes of each page and eliminate unnecessary clutter. My job was to also create the look and feel of the site. Once each page was wireframed, I would lay out mockup versions to be reviewed and revised. Once the page looked good, I would send a layered PSD file over to the developer to code onto the site. 



ResearchWe was given $25k in seed money from AlphaLabs back in 2014. Through the last year, the team has pushed to get the site into the hands of researchers in the United States and in Europe.